Teaching Kids To Shoot- What Age to Start

Shooting like other skills need to be learned for a long time, and like other sport the earlier you get them started, the more likely that they will continue to persist with the game. Though allowing kids to learn shooting at a young age is a controversial subject with many opposing it, yet some parents want their kids to either follow a family tradition, introduce it as a sport or only teach them the gun basics as they have a firearm at home. The reason can be any there is best bb gun for kids available in the market for parents to buy. The foremost thing to do before purchasing a firearm for kids is to educate them about the safe usage, refer www.nssf.org/safety/rules-firearms-safety/.
You can start training your kid on guns as early as they can understand you. It is never to teach them about gun safety soon. You can start as early as:

3 to 5 Year kids: You can start out with a toy gun and show them how to secure it like a real gun properly. You can either use a toy chest to store it or place in the same location you place your weapon. Ensure that you have a good lock in place and use it to secure it, to reiterate the need for safe storage of firearms. Make it a point to stress the fact that guns are not toys and they should leave it unsecured. Start with one rule and build on to it as they comprehend them. You should deal with kid strictly when safety rules are not followed correctly.

5 to 7-year kids: This is an age group where they like to do things that their parents do. Maintenance and cleaning of the gun can be introduced which can also act as a start. You can also teach them the proper use of equipment while cleaning. Always ensure they use gloves and goggles as well as see to it that there’s enough air circulation to remove the toxins. When kids understand and learn how to safely maintain guns their curiosity to explore when you’re not around is less.

7 to 10-year kids: You can slowly introduce a BB gun at this age. Select a gun with no recoil, though this is not a gun as such but ensure it is secured. You can introduce concepts of range and ownership along with gun handling skills. At this age teach them about safe usage and handling the gun responsibly and you can later move to accuracy.

10 to 14 years: You can gradually move to a pistol or a .22 rifle. You can start with dry firing during practice as they can start being focused on accuracy. Also, these are weapons which are suited for learning how to aim, control the trigger, etc.

14 to 18-year kids: This is the time when you should invest on a 9mm pistol with a recoil which is low. Using this or other pistols found on websites like https://www.astraightarrow.net you should teach the kids to shoot. They should now be able to control the trigger and also take complete responsibility for the weapon.